Easy Ways to Dispose of Large Toys

Disposing of large toys can be a challenge in a compact city like Singapore. Whether you’re decluttering, your kids have outgrown their toys, or you simply need more space, here are some easy and eco-friendly ways to dispose of large toys, with a focus on promoting donation as the best option. 

Some Examples of Large Toys → 

Toy Type:Description:
Ride-On CarsBattery-operated vehicles for kids
PlayhousesLarge plastic or wooden structures
TrampolinesFull-sized with metal frames and nets
Outdoor SlidesStandalone or part of larger playsets
Swing SetsMetal or wooden frames with swings
BicyclesOutgrown or damaged children’s bikes
Electric ScooterMotorised scooters for kids
Large Stuffed AnimalsOversized plush toys
Toy Kitchen and WorkbenchesFull-sized playsets
Building Block SetsOversized LEO-style or foam blocks
Water TablesOutdoor play tables for water activities
Activity GymsIndoor/Outdoor gyms with slides & tunnels
Rocking HorsesLarge, often wooden rocking toys
Large Dolls & DollhousesOversized dolls or elaborate houses
Miniature Trains & TracksLarge train sets with tracks
  1. Donate to Charity

Donating large toys in good condition is the best way to give back to the community and reduce waste. Many charitable organisations in Singapore accept toy donations and distribute them to families in need.

Charities to Consider:

How to Donate:

  • Clean and check the toys.
  • Drop them off at charity centres listed above.
  1. Disposal Services at Greenery Recycle 

Greenery Recycle offers waste disposal services that also help donate reusable toys to those in need. Disposing of large toys in Singapore can be both easy and eco-friendly. Donating to charity is the best option to ensure toys have a second life, benefiting the community and the environment. If donation is not possible, Greenery Recycle can help by recycling or donating on your behalf. Make a positive impact and promote sustainability by choosing to donate your large toys. 

Why Donation is Best → 

  • Community Impact: Helps families in need.
  • Environmental Benefits: Reduces waste and promotes sustainability.
  • Personal Satisfaction: Enjoy the fulfilment of helping others.

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