Where to Donate unwanted household items in Singapore

At Greenery Recycle, we go beyond traditional disposal services by incorporating a thoughtful approach to decluttering. We actively seek opportunities to donate items in good condition to low-income families through established channels. In this informative guide, we’ll direct you to reputable donation sites and services where your unwanted household items can make a meaningful impact.

1. Greenery Recycle’s Bulky Item Disposal Service:

  • When utilizing our disposal services, inform us about items in good condition. We’ll ensure these items are channeled to charitable organizations supporting low-income families. (Transportation charges applies)

2. The Salvation Army:

  • The Salvation Army operates thrift stores where you can donate furniture, clothing, and household goods. Check their website or contact them for donation arrangements.

3. MINDS Shop:

4. H&M Garment Collecting Program:

  • For clothing and textiles, consider H&M’s Garment Collecting Program. Drop off old clothes at H&M stores in Singapore, contributing to both recycling and charitable causes.

5. Pass It On:

  • Pass It On is an online platform connecting people who want to give away pre-loved items. List your items on their website, allowing interested individuals to arrange for pick-up.

6. Freecycle Singapore:

  • Join the Freecycle Singapore group online to give away items for free. Post details about your items, and individuals in need can reach out for collection.

7. Local Charities and NGOs:

  • Contact local charities and NGOs directly to inquire about their acceptance of household items. Many organizations focus on specific needs, contributing to targeted assistance for families in need.

8. Community Centers and Places of Worship:

  • Explore donation drives or collection points organized by community centers and religious institutions. Your items can directly benefit local communities through these initiatives.

By utilizing these donation sites and services, you contribute to both sustainable disposal practices and the well-being of those in need. Greenery Recycle is proud to be part of this collective effort, ensuring that your unwanted household items find new homes and create positive change in the community.

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